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#4.20: Theranos, Pt. IV - Sunny Balwani

July 20, 2022 Jessica Oswald & Sydnee Spruiell Eldridge Season 4 Episode 20
Malpractice Podcast
#4.20: Theranos, Pt. IV - Sunny Balwani
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This week in our FOURTH Theranos episode, Syd and Jess cover the background, trial, and conviction of Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani, Theranos President and COO. Although sentencing won't take place until December, Sunny was recently found guilty on all 12 counts of fraud. Sunny's relationship with the infamous Elizabeth Holmes, texts read in court, lawyer's statements - we're spilling the tea. 

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(Cont.) #4.20: Theranos, Pt. IV - Sunny Balwani