Malpractice Podcast

#5.2: Billy Chemirmir, Medical Serial Killer

August 17, 2022 Sydnee Spruiell Eldridge & Jessica Oswald
Malpractice Podcast
#5.2: Billy Chemirmir, Medical Serial Killer
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This week, Syd & Jess are here with another listener recommendation - this week, we're covering medical serial killer (MSK) and all-around terrible human being: Billy Chemirmir. Convicted in at least one murder trial, he has been indicted on AT LEAST 23 others, leaving Dallas/DFW DA's wondering if more murders will be attributed to him in the future. Using his experience in care facilities, Billy gained entry into residents homes and stalked them before fatally attacking many of his elderly victims. 

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(Cont.) #5.2: Billy Chemirmir, Medical Serial Killer