Malpractice Podcast

#2.10: Medical Malpractice or "Unwholesome" Medicine

June 16, 2021 Jessica Oswald & Sydnee Spruiell Eldridge
Malpractice Podcast
#2.10: Medical Malpractice or "Unwholesome" Medicine
Show Notes

In this week's  episode, Jess will tell us all about **drumroll please** ACTUAL medical malpractice - you know, like the name of the show? Join us as we venture through the history of malpractice (which we cannot believe we haven't covered yet), from Ancient Romans to Michael Jackson, and everything in between!

We're talking Julie Andrews, Andy Warhol, and the King himself - Elvis, on this week's SPECIAL episode, and trust us - you won't want to miss it.

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Sources for this episode:,patient's%20hand%20still%20remained%20deformed.

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